Happy Welcome to

Habiba Horse

El Gouna

Happy Welcome to

Habiba Horse

El Gouna

Reiten in El Gouna, Hurghada, Ägypten bei Habiba Horse

Wonderful moments on the back of healthy and happy horses under a German management.

My name is Kerstin and together with my wonderful team I am happy to provide you with unforgettable memories when visiting and riding at Habiba Horse El Gouna.


The animals always come first for us. Their mental and physical well-being is very important to us and everyone who has visited us will feel and empathize with this lived relationship.

Habiba Horse El Gouna is located at the northernmost point of this beautiful village, only a few minutes away from down-town and all hotels. From our stables, which is only 800 meters away from the beach, we start our horseback riding excursions and since 2016 we have been giving our guests, big and small, wonderful and unforgettable vacation memories.


Habiba is Arabic (by the way, also an Arabic girl's name) and means "beloved". The name "Habiba Horse" is chosen very consciously.


Touristic riding is often doubted, rejected and massively questioned. Our aim is to show and proof that good husbandry and respectful treatment of the animals can very well be brought in line with this "business".
No overstraining of the horses, tact, attentiveness and a continuous exchange within the team as well as a keen eye for behavior, condition and needs of the individual characters are indispensable.


Many of our animals already bring with them a long history, some of which is extremely negative. Some gain trust more quickly, others need more time. Often, we only get to the root of the question "Why?" months later. Patience, honesty and the time factor are just as essential as continuity, perseverance and an unsparing view of reality. Physical issues are usually quicker and easier to resolve than deep-grounded mental ones.


It is absolutely not a matter of course that an animal "tolerates" ever changing riders on it. Just like us, they have their moods, good and bad days, and in the end it's all about chemistry, which should then also fit between rider and animal. And yes, sometimes a canter is refused or a trot passage results in only a walk.
The crucial thing is to treat each other with respect. The engagement with this creature and the gratitude for the fact that these wonderful animals make special moments possible for us. Even if it may not always go according to "our" head.


This is what we stand for at Habiba Horse in El Gouna and we would like to invite everyone to get to know our animals and us.

"Riding without a guilty conscience, as the horses are well kept, cared for and fed."

"A pleasure! There is a suitable horse for every rider."

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"Everyone was super nice, the horses were well looked after and my friend, who was sitting on a horse for the first time, also had an employee at his side to guide him."